Monday, December 15, 2008

Kyla To Conquer The Asian Market In 2009

It's going to be a 6-country music invasion by Kyla for 2009. She's poised to set China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Thailand aflame with her R&B flavor consisting of an album to be released by EMI that's a compilation of all her best singles and tracks from her six (6) previous albums including her current one Heart2Heart.

If I were to pick the set of upcoming tracks for that Asian market CD, this is going to be the list:

- Not Your Ordinary Girl (good bouncy album intro)
- Because of You (showed promise in Indonesia so why not make it the 2nd track here)
- Flexin' (having done this single with Blue will be a good international flavor boost)
- Beautiful Days (this showcases Kyla as an excellent performer-songwriter)
- I Will Find You (a clever diversion from the first three R&B-ballad slant)
- Love Will Lead You Back (one of Kyla's best revivals deserve to be here)
- Always On Time (this church-y R&B take has good vocal and musical arrangements for a filler)
- It's Over Now (the typical soft ballad filler)
- Human Nature (a mid-tempo revival is also a must)
- I Feel For You (this soaring ballad showcases Kyla's vocal dexterity)
- How Am I Gonna Tell You (a fast-paced track penned by Kyla is necessary for inclusion)
- If The Feeling Is Gone (not necessarily a filler, but this ballad is just a tear-jerker that Asians can relate to it)
- With You (this Radha-penned R&B ditty is infectious)
- I Will Be There (a successful single in the Phils., but this can be a filler here)
- Love To Hate (another must-have diversion in the set)
- BONUS TRACK: Goodbye's Not Forever (a must-revival for Kyla)

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  1. wow! that is so cool for kyla : )
    going international... i'll wait until this one comes out : )